Terry and the owl 2b

I honestly cannot remember a time when I wasn’t interested in the natural world around me. I do remember when I first took a specific interest in birds at the age of fourteen, and it was shortly after that when I started my first insect collection. At the encouragement of a good friend I bought my first SLR just before going up to the arctic in 1974 to spend a summer doing bird surveys over the Beaufort Sea.

Unfortunately I eventually got discouraged with nature photography because of the weight of the equipment I was carrying around. When the first point and shoot digital cameras came out that did a decent job on birds, insects, and everything else, my interest was rekindled. Since then my interest in nature photography has become more of a passion, and much of my time, especially in the summer, is spent on that pursuit.

In late July of 2011 I made the step up from a point and shoot camera to a micro four thirds system, the Panasonic Lumix G3 with a 100 to 300 mm zoom lens. For anyone not familiar with this system the camera body and lenses are much smaller than the equivalent DSLR. As well a 100 to 300 mm lens is the equivalent of a 200 to 600 mm lens in an SLR camera. I use stepping rings and the Canon 500D close-up lens in front of the zoom lens for most of my macro photography. A couple of years later I purchased the Olympus OM-D E-M5 body and that became my primary camera. As of February 2017 I upgraded to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 mark 2 and the 300 mm f4 lens, and am loving it.

For those who might be interested, I worked for four years, from 1972 to 1976 for a private ecological consulting company based in Edmonton, Alberta, doing mostly bird work, and much of it in the Canadian Arctic. I then freelanced for a couple of years before joining the staff of the then Provincial Museum of Alberta (it is now the Royal Alberta Museum) in 1978 as a foreground artist working on dioramas. I did this for 5 years then switched to the newly formed Invertebrate Zoology Program where I stayed until I retired in 2006. I now live in Comox on Vancouver Island, B.C.

These galleries are meant to feature my best photos, and are in no way a comprehensive library of my photographs. Many of my older photographs are not here as I feel they are not good enough to include. I am making every effort to improve on those photos, but of course many are now in the category of "opportunity lost" and will never be replaced. So I now work primarily on compiling as complete a series of photographs of plants and animals from Vancouver Island as possible in the hope that these photos will be both enjoyable to view and of some educational value.

I do sell my images and they have been used in a number of books and magazines as well as on interpretive signs in many parks. For anyone wishing to purchase my photos, you can contact me at terry.thormin@shaw.ca or phone me at 1 250 941-5130

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